Arrest Reports and Laws

Review of release plan.

(1) When the State Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision or a local supervisory authority responsible for correctional services for an inmate reviews an inmate’s release plan prior to approval of the plan as required by ORS 144.096, it may interview the inmate and may review the following information:
(a) Reports of any physical, psychiatric or psychological examinations of the inmate;
(b) The presentence investigation report specified by ORS 144.791 or, if no such report has been prepared, a report of similar content prepared by institutional staff;
(c) The record of the inmate’s conduct during confinement; and
(d) Any other information relevant to the inmate’s reintegration into the community that may be submitted by the inmate, the inmate’s attorney, the victim of the crime, the Department of Corrections, local corrections agencies or any other person.
(2) If the board reviews a release plan, the board must attempt to notify the victim before the review of the release plan by sending written notice to the victim if the victim requests to be notified and furnishes the board with a current address. The notice must inform the victim that the victim may submit information concerning the inmate and the crime to the board for the board’s consideration.
(3) The department or local corrections agency shall provide to the board or local supervisory authority reviewing the release plan any psychiatric or psychological reports held by the department or local corrections agency regarding the inmate. However, if the psychiatrist or psychologist who prepared the report or any treating psychiatrist or psychologist determines that disclosure to the inmate of the contents of the report would be detrimental to the inmate’s mental or emotional health, the psychiatrist or psychologist may indorse upon the report a recommendation that it not be disclosed to the inmate. The department or local corrections agency may withhold from the board or supervisory authority reviewing the plan any report so indorsed. [1989 c.790 §32b; 1997 c.525 §7]